Lobbying is an important role played by the AMWCY with the support of ENDA Third World, Youth in Action Team and its partners at the local and international scenes.

Lobbying is done with decision makers at all levels, the school principal or clinic, the district chief, the General Secretariat of the United Nations through the presidential and governmental authorities of various countries concerned.

Lobbying at the base

Its primary objective is to give the floor to grassroots partners, children and youth and start a dialogue between them and « the authorities » in order to obtain the recognition of the relevance of the actions and solutions they propose.

This dialogue also aims at strengthening citizen participation of children and youth, with the rights and responsibilities it implies. In the case of the AMWCY, an annual contact is between the African Commission of the movement and the bodies of the ILO, Save the Children, UNICEF and PLAN.

The Chairman of ECOWAS in 2000 and 2001 was the « Godfather » of the movement, the President of the Network of Women Ministers, was its « Godmother », etc. The development of this type of relationships allowed listenership to the AMWCY at the international level, particularly during the UN Special Session on children and also allows realizing rights on a daily basis.

Thus, the obtaining of a classroom in Niamey where the WCY will « learn to read and write », access to a lower health cost at a clinic in Bouake where they will receive « health care in case of illness « . The negotiating with Bamako police so that the WCY, can « work in security » without being continuously rounded up, or even negotiation in Senegal with the domestic employers, so that their house helps can attend evening classes from 5pm  fulfilling their « right to training ». These are all results of lobbying actions.

The AMWCY Propositions to the UNGASS

Nationally, the official document of Senegal has integrated 15 propositions from the AMWCY document. The AMWCY propositions were carefully listened to by the UNGASS actors. The third revision of the document « A world fit for children » presented in June 2001, contained several points from their text.

Similarly, the AMWCY was the first African contributor to the « alternative document » submitted by the NGO community. In its document « Listen to us » that regrouped world contributions from child-led groups and organizations in line with the UNGASS, has the AMWCY comments widely cited. From these contributions, the AMWCY has been accredited to the Conference. It is the only movement of children accredited after the preparatory session of February.

At the conference in May 2002, they organized a public debate and participated in several panels, 13 of 24 propositions are included in the final version of « A world fit for children ».

In 2007, during “the UNGASS + 5 Conference”, the AMWCY was represented by 2 delegates among 20 participating children.

Pan-African lobbying

For several years, the AMWCY has been present on the Pan-African scene with a participation in 2011 and 2012, as “panelists” in sessions of the Forum of Organizations of Civil Society, held at the same time with sessions of the Committee of Experts on the Rights of the African Child.

In 2012, the AMWCY deposited a request for participation as an observer in the sessions of the said Committee, to finalize its permanent presence.