Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

« I earn in my job of selling water, I made a lot of relations and my clients love me very much. » Girl from Burkina Faso

« I often buy what I want, give some money to the family and save the rest. » Boy from Chad

« Before, I had no idea of how to earn a living, but thanks to the AWCY, am now aware ” Girl from Guinea Conakry

« I feel respected and listened to,  as the AWCY  teaches us about organizing IGAs. »Boy from Chad

The Income Generating Activities (IGAs) that directly affects the WCY is by definition engaged in an economic nature. They give hope to improve the living conditions of the WCY and therefore out of poverty. Besides promoting the 12 rights, it emerges as the theme of the AMWCY Action.

Two types of IGAs that are encouraged.

  • Community IGAs: Sale of membership cards, to the renting of baby foot (a hand-played football game) or the renting of chairs for evening parties, staging beach outings, etc.
  • Individual IGAs: Small loans are given within the grassroots groups to individuals who present projects aimed at strengthening their activities and who demonstrate the ability to save and manage funds.
  • Training and consulting

Training in management, entrepreneurship and technical training in IGAs plus literacy support is to enable the management of the useful and helpful tips.

In December 1999, a regional workshop brought together WCY and animators from 18 African towns in a bid to provide common references included in the report and a work plan of « 8 tips for a successful IGA » (see poster). This advice is contained in a poster that was distributed in the second edition of « WCY face the Challenge ».

  • Savings – Credit

The savings and credit facilities result from the autonomous decision taken by the AWCY. Some decided to undertake this kind of activity that is aimed at encouraging the idea of saving and at strengthening the activities of their members through credit facilities. This is done individually within grassroots group solidarity which monitor them at all levels.

  • Encouragement with marketing

The action of collection of images and artisanal product slips carried out by the WCY is done within the AMWCY with the support of Enda Youth in Action. It aims at the promotion of these products. New partnerships are formed with certain components of the Movement for Solidarity trade.