Movement Associations of working Children and Youth in the world

The African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) is not alone in the world. There are other similar movements existing in Latin America, Asia and Europe. The movements promote the protagonist of Working Children and Youth as a resource for social policies.


MOLACNATs The Latin American and Carribean Movement of Working Children and Adolescents, is organised in about 15 countries throughout the continent: Central America, Andine Region and the South Coast. In August 2001, it held its sixth Latin American meeting in Asuncion, Paraguay. Its executive secretariat is located in the same town. Child and youth workers are organizing assemblies and deciding Movement strategies and concrete actions. Adults are not directorial bodies but they have a managerial role of educational support.

  • MNNASTOP, National Movement of NATs, Peru: the Movement was born in 1996 during the Organization of the VII NATs National Meeting . It now includes 11,000 child and youth workers from the various movements in the towns of Peru.

MANTHOC, Movement of Working Children and Adolescents, sons of Christian workers in Lima, Peru. The Movement has existed for more than 25 years and works in favour of the rights of the working children.


  • Bhima Sanga:

Bhima Sangha:, began working in 1989 in the State of Karnataka, South India. This is an independent association of working children, supported by Concerned Working Children (CWC), network of organizations of Karnataka. Bhima Sangha today,has more than 13,000 Working children and youth .

  • Butterflies in Delhi

Butterflies in Delhi, opened in January 1988, intervening for street children and workers of Delhi and is based on the participation of children and direct supervision of their rights.The same children, together with street children program the activities, control and give critical contributions to the organization’s initiatives.The association adopts a democratic and decentralized approach, which aims at ensuring the massive participation of youth in decisive processes. The group of children attending usual activities is called Mazdoor Ballah. This organization is based further north in the capital, includes self-employed children who are daily exposed to repression in the street. This organization has tried to mould itself as a Union of Working Children.