Technical Support

Support for the WCY was born from the confrontation of ground actors with children and Youth. The experience exchange during the Grand Bassam forum in 1985 yielded an initial vision of supporting children in difficulty, then refined by listening meetings for children held in Kinshasa, Abidjan and Dakar organized by ENDA. The second step was with the African Training Program in 1990, which started building the « how » of children’s participation.

From 1994, the elements of the AMWCY foundation, have been combined daily because the animators found themselves faced with the movement and not individuals, whom they dominated by their age and their role. This has led to painful repositioning sometimes, but also the discovery of a new role on the side, at the request of the WCY.

From 1997, with the provision of budgets of approximately 1000 USD. This money is managed by the WCY, with the participation of their animators. Since 1998, the experimental formula was adopted by the AMWCY which refines the criteria that each AWCY must fill, the modes of co-management between the WCY and their support structure.

Since then, this system has been marked among other developments, the decline of financial support and the difficulty to mobilize funds for hundreds of associations, led to the birth of National Coordinations which play a role in the distribution and the justification of these funds and also receives a quota of the funds. But the support structures and their animators still have a role to play.

Computer equipment is also available in each AWCY every three or four years. With this equipment, the WCY have a feel of electronics, write their reports, newsletters and begin to make an accounting. What they cannot do with the association’s computer, they continue in the cyber cafes, with the opening of Emails, Skype, Face book, Hi5 as this is now part of their daily lives.